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New appearance of Ily by Amy-chawn99
New appearance of Ily


Hahahah, The title did not says it all. New Ily? Ule  Nope
After watching One Piece's Dressrosa arc, I found out that Sanji got blue eyes. I was like "WHAAAAT??"But..What Demonds..Onion 
Ily and Sanji shared almost the same hair color, I dont want others to think Ily is related to Sanji. 
It's not easy for me because I have to change ALL pictures of Ily's in my account. 

So, here, allow me to explain briefly about the differences between Sanji and Ily. Onionhead he - Onion head 

Ability : We all knew that Sanji has a powerful kick. Ily can kick too but she's not as strong as Sanji who can kick a big cannon and make hole on a thick wall. Besides, Ily uses her devil fruit while fighting. Her fighting techniques more like a ninja.
Hair : Sanji got YELLOW colored hair while Ily got YELLOW GOLD hair. Idk how to explain this but for sure, Ily's hair is a darker than Sanji's. 
Eyes : Okay, this one shocked me the most. I changed Ily's eyes to green immediately after watching One Piece Dressrosa arc where Nami and Sanji's switched body. Green eyes is lovable too, right? Btw, I think it suited well with her ability of blooming plants. 
Height : Sanji is a lot taller than Ily, of course xD
Strength : It will be a lie if I say Ily is stronger than Sanji. Ily's strength is above Nami but below Brook and Franky. Her level is almost the same as Chopper.

That's all I have to say. Thank you for reading until the very end Sorry 
One Piece Oc : Aibara Ily (Timeskip) by Amy-chawn99
One Piece Oc : Aibara Ily (Timeskip)
:bulletblack:AIBARA ILY :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: Name : Aibara Ily
:bulletwhite: Ephithet : The Pirate Ninja
:bulletwhite: Nickname : Ily pronouce: Eii-Lii

:bulletblue: Age : 18 years old

:bulletblue: Personality : Ily had changed after the two years had passed. She appeared to be more matured and not a crybaby anymore. She learned to respect others and doesn’t get mad easily to the stranger. She grown to be more serious but still a cheerful girl. She gotten smarter and prettier but she is still a bit tomboyish.

:bulletblue: Height : 162cm
:bulletblue: Weight : 49kg
:bulletblue: Scar : Right thigh

:bulletblue: Weapons : Shurikent, knives, sword, needles, any sharp weapons (Using her devil fruit)

:bulletblue: Devil fruit : Saku saku No Mi(The ability of blooming)
:bulletwhite: Ability of Devil fruit : The user can grow various green plants and control them with their hand and mind and they can also make it as their main weapon

:bulletblue: Quotes : “I feel the pain but I will always try to forget it.. It’s because.. I promised… Not to cry”

:bulletblue: Skills :
~ :heart:Cactus Throw
:rose: - Same as the Rose Thorns ability but it’s more thin and long

~ :heart:Shurikent Flower
:rose: - A shurikent inside a blooming rose
:bulletred: * Shurikent Flower Flame *
:rose: - A blooming rose shurikent with fire

~ :heart:Crateva Religiosa
:rose: Same as the Green Roots technique. Green Roots can only be used in a place which is full of grass but this technique can be used anywhere

~ :heart:Aelovera Whip
:rose: A reddish green whip can be growth at Ily’s palm
:bulletred: * Aelovera Thorns Whip *
:rose: - A reddish green whip with green thorns

~ :heart:Rafflesia
:rose: - The same technique as before the timeskip

~ :heart:Green Axe
:rose: - Ily can grow plants on an aluminium stick and make it like an axe

~ :heart:Autumn Knive
:rose: - A sharp shaped orange leaf that can rust when it hits any part of the body 

~ :heart:Midorri Clone  
:rose: - Almost have the same technique as Nami ‘MIRAGE TEMPO’ and Robin’s clone. This technique was made by growing plants by using hot environment to change the air density and create clones or mirages of herself. Any attack Ily produces even using her mirage are real

~ :heart:Smoke Bomb
:rose:Seeds that can explode and leave grey smoke which allow Ily to run away or make another move.


Art and character(c) :iconamy-chawn99:
One Piece (c) :iconodaplz:

Old profile


I changed her Timeskip pofile because of her eyes. If I change the original picture of her one by one, replacing the blue eyes with the green one, it will be a total pain for me. So, I decided just to make her new picture!
I also added a little bit Ninja style to her outfit. 



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